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your Own StrAtegy! 1 Contact us Let us know what your wishes are. The product groups listed on the website are just to give you an impression of what the possibilities are. Please ask for our extensive product sheets and prices. We would be very interested in discussing all the options and possibilities together with you.
2 Choose and design! Choose your assortment, packaging and design, making your plans tangible. We will start producing, filling and/or labeling. Think for example about the following options: Bulk Purchase only raw materials and fill the products yourself. We can provide empty packaging if you wish. No label The products are filled in the desired packaging (standard or deluxe) and you label the products yourself. The minimum quantity required is low, making it easily accessible for you to develop your private label. Private label Let us design your brand and logo or design it yourself. We will print high quality labels and keep them in stock for you. On your demand your products will be labeled and delivered. Another possibility is to get your entire order labeled and delivered to your own warehouse. Minimum order quantity is required and varies according to product type and packaging size.
3 Sell it! After customizing your products, determine your target group, pricing, etcetera. Market your brand and start selling! Our cooperation will certainly not end here, as new products will be continuously added to the assortment and you will receive special deals on a regular basis. Besides, our account managers will be stand by to give you any advise you need. The total concept from Provecho Beauty is a guarantee for success. Provecho Beauty can be your partner from small to large productions run of on-call delivery. For more information about our services and filling capabilities please contact us directly.